Nuti'Action Comfort Body Treatment

Beneficial treatment for everyone, recommended several times a year to renew skin, body & mind and preserve an overall good balance. It will wrap you in a soft warm feeling, infused with honey and finely grounded almond flavours along with a nice nourishing sensations of rich creams and balms.

J'ai : peau sèche à très sèche, grain de peau rugueux, inconfort

Je veux : nourrir

*Les prix peuvent varier selon l'institut.

Tailor-made skin preparation
Soft and nourishing scrub with Loofah fibers , Almond proteins, and Jojoba oil.

Targeted procedure and specific mask
"Signature body" envelopping massage, nourishing and protective with Honey-almond Balm served luke-warm to your body. It beautifully revives your skin.


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Nuti'Action Comfort Body Treatment