Affinium Slimness Body Treatment

For a reduction of orange-peel skin and body reshaping. If like 90% of women, you are prone to water retention, swellings, curves or dimples, this treatment is meant for you!
A 60 min complete intense slimming treatment to eliminate toxines, clear the tissues and reshape the body figure with refined and toned contours.

I have: cellulite, localised curves, orange-peel skin

I want: to reduce my cellulite, refine my body figure.

Tailor-made skin preparation
Tonifying body scrub with rice powder and cane sugar, applied and worked one side at a time.

Targeted procedure
Anti-cellulite refining Magistral massage with Magistral Serum Delipidex 7,1%.

Specific mask
On targeted areas, a Tomato thermo-slimming body wrap customised with a slimming intense extract of Black pepper, grapefruit and ever-lasting flower aromatic extracts.


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Affinium Slimness Body Treatment