Hydra Detox Light Legs Treatment

A treatment for toned and light legs. Perfect during heat waves, after long trips. Ideal for those standing and taking small steps all day long but also for the ones who remain seated in front of their screens for long period of times.  

I have: Dehydrated skin- Lack of tonicity - Body fatigue - Water retention - Heavy, swelling legs – Circulatory discomfort

I want: an anti-water effect,an anti-fatigue effect, circulatory comfort, lightness, intense refreshment.

Tailor-made skin preparation
Tonifying body scrub with rice powder and cane sugar, applied and worked one side at a time.

Targeted procedure
Energising Magistral massage with cryo-active Legtonic 6,6%.

Specific mask
On legs, an anti-fatigue Tomato thermo-smoothing body wrap customised with a detox intense extract of Cabeuvra, sandalwood and cypress aromatic extracts.


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Hydra Detox Light Legs Treatment