Lastex Firmness Body Treatment

The firming treatment to re-sculpt the body figure and remeshing the skin. Your skin starts to slacken after a pregnancy or because of a slimming diet, working on targeted areas will allow you to recover a soft and nourished skin along with a firmer body figure.

I have: slackened skin and body figure, a lack of firmness and elasticity.

I want: to firm and sculpt my body figure.

Tailor-made skin preparation
Tonifying body scrub with rice powder and cane sugar, applied and worked one side at a time.

Targeted procedure
Friming Magistral massage with Magistral Lastex 10%.

Specific mask
On targeted areas, a Tomato thermo-firming body wrap customised with a intense extract to choose from: Relax with Bergamot, mandarin tree aromatic extracts or Detox with Cabreuva and sandalwood aromatic extracts.


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Lastex Firmness  Body Treatment