Connected Treatment SKINTEX®LAB Ella Perfect Radiance Face

The power of an instrumental treatment, for an effective radiance and a new skin effect from 35 mn.

I have: Dull complexion, signs of fatigue, unhealthy complexion, damaged skin, post-sun exposure, post-acne, after-surgery

I want: a maximal radiance, a new skin effect, decrease of signs of fatigue, deeply regenerated skin, smoothed and lifted features.

Ella Perfect skin preparation
Make-up removal and skincare cleansing of the skin with Tomato cleansing oil or water.
Followed by a PERFECT RESURFACING with probiotics for a refined skin texture, smoothed imperfections and a radiant complexion.

Infusion of active ingredients
NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® INFUSION of the multi-correcting SERUM MAGISTRAL TISSULEX 14% for a new skin effect.

Expert option
FACIAL DRAIN For a radiant and oxygenated complexion

Specific treatment
CRYO'TONIC with Original Tomato cream for a toned ultra-luminous skin.


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Connected Treatment SKINTEX®LAB Ella Perfect Radiance Face