Connected Treatment SKINTEX®LAB Pure Detox Aromatics

The power of an instrumental treatment, for an effective skin detox and oxygenation from 35mn. 

I have: asphyxiated skin, skin clogged with toxines, traces of pollution and pollen.

I want: Minimised pores, a cutaneous detox, a clear and oxygenated complexion, a smoothed skin texture.

Ella Perfect skin preparation
Make-up removal and skincare cleansing of the skin with Tomato cleansing oil or water.
Followed by a PERFECT RESURFACING with probiotics for a refined skin texture and smoothed imperfections.
According to the needs of your skin, the PERFECT PEELING OPTION is possible for an even smoother skin without blemishes and tightened pores.

Infusion of active ingredients
NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® INFUSION of the Magistral Serum Sebatics 20,7% blemishes corrector and detoxifying.

Expert option
FACIAL DRAIN eliminating the toxines for an oxygenated complexion.

Specific treatment
CRYO'TONIC with the Hydra-mattifying detox cream for a detoxified, decongested and healthy skin.


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Connected Treatment SKINTEX®LAB Pure Detox Aromatics