Connected Treatment SKINTEX®LAB Pur'Aromatics Imperfections Face

The power of an instrumental treatment, for an effective purifying effect and anti-blemishes from 35 mn.

I have: oily to blemished skin (comedos, microcysts, breaks-outs)

I want: to purify , treat local blemishes.

Ella Perfect skin preparation
Make-up removal and skincare cleansing of the skin with Tomato cleansing oil or water.
The PERFECT RESURFACING OPTION is available only if the skin doesn't present any blemishes.
Followed by a PERFECT PEELING for a smoothed, prurified skin and tightened pores.

Infusion of active ingredients
NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® INFUSION of the Magistral Serum Sebatics 20,7% , purifying and detoxifying blemish corrector.

Expert option
FACIAL DRAIN to eliminates toxines for an oxygenated complexion.

Specific treatment
CRYO'TONIC with the Hydra-mattifying detox cream for a detoxified, decongested and purified skin.


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Connected Treatment SKINTEX®LAB   Pur'Aromatics Imperfections  Face