ACTIV'CUP - Cellulite - Water Retention - Tissue Release

A profesional accessory for the body made with 100% medical silicone, that makes you able to reproduce at home the "palpate-and-roll" effect performed in our beauty salons.

Activ'Cup accelerates the smoothing of cellulite, firms the skin and limits water retention.

Cellulite, water retention, slackening 

100% medical silicone

As a treatment, use for 5 minutes everyday on the areas you to work on :
- Cellulite : combined with AFFINIUM 7,1%
- Tired legs : combine with LEGTONIC 6,6%
- Slackening: combine with LASTEX 10%

Activ'Cup can also be used in the shower, with your usual shower gel.

Controle the aspiration of your skin by pressing slighly on the sides to free some of the air.
Do not aspire the skin too much (risk of causing unpleasent feeling). Proceed with targeted gestures on the arms, belly and/or thighs.

Do not use this product with DELIPIDEDX 11,6% (risk of over-heating)

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ACTIV'CUP - Cellulite - Water Retention - Tissue Release